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Yorkshire Tour de France legacy

Yellow TDF bike in Knaresborough

Read the latest Yorkshire Tour de France legacy news.

Yorkshire Tour de France legacy: Cycle Yorkshire Legacy page

Most people agree that there should be a legacy from the hosting of the Tour de France 2014. Some of the legacy plans are set out on a Welcome to Yorkshire website, called Cycle Yorkshire.

The Legacy page says that Cycle Yorkshire is about a regional strategy and delivery plan to Get Yorkshire Cycling. It involves a collaboration by local authorities, cycling organisations, and other partners, in a coordinated and sustained approach to cycling promotion and development. 

Cycle Yorkshire's vision is for Yorkshire & Humber to be recognised as a great region for safe cycling, inspiring more people to cycle more often. 

The objectives listed on the Legacy page are:

  • giving everyone in the region access to a bike and training to use it
  • a regional cycle hire network
  • participatory events
  • a travel plan for every large employer and school
  • supporting community-led organisations that promote cycling

Missing from the list of objectives, and fundamental, is improving cycle infrastructure and facilities.

Infrastructure is mentioned in Cycle Yorkshire's PDF strategy document. The strategy document recognises the well-known environmental and health reasons for encouraging cycling, as well as the benefits from reducing congestion, stimulating the economy (bicycle manufacture, cycle retail, and tourism), and social inclusion.

The strategy is to be implemented by local authorities and partners, together known as the Regional Cycling Delivery Group (RCDG), chaired by the CEO of the City of York council, which will report to Welcome to Yorkshire. There will be a Regional Delivery Plan. There's a good summary of the strategy on p2 of the strategy document, and among the objectives listed is 'safe, high quality infrastructure and facilities...' P16 (Improving Infrastructure & Facilities) also recognises that 'the provision of good quality infrastructure is critical in order to encourage and facilitate more people in Yorkshire and the Humber to safely cycle, more often.'

The strategy document sets some targets (p13):

  • a 5% increase in the number of adults cycling at least once a month between 2011 and 2023
  • a 20% increase in the number of trips made by bike between 2012 and 2023 (and 18% by 2018)
  • a third of cycling activity to be by women by 2023
  • increases in cycle sport
  • the annual rate of cycle casualties to be below the national average in the Yorkshire & Humber region for the next 10 years

The document concludes by mentioning that the Regional Delivery Plan will be developed, but it doesn't mention a timetable. It will be interesting to see the plan.

Yorkshire Tour de France legacy: update 27th March 2014, 100 days until the Tour

The Yorkshire Tour legacy plans were launched at Harrogate International Centre, at Welcome to Yorkshire's Y14 conference, on 27th March 2014, with 100 days to go until the Tour. The legacy plans mentioned above were revised, with a new Cycle Yorkshire strategy document (version 2).

HedgehogCycling's first impression of the revised strategy document is that there are more glossy photographs than in version one, and not so many words. A Regional Delivery Plan is no longer mentioned, so presumably this has been dropped. The five objectives are slightly different now:

  • get more people cycling, through greater training and access to cycling
  • make choosing cycling easier through better infrastructure and facilities, and addressing barriers
  • more events, to watch and take part in
  • greater awareness of cyclists and cycling, through campaigns
  • a thriving network of cycling businesses and social enterprises

(These objectives are the same on the Cycle Yorkshire website's legacy page and in the strategy document). We welcome the fact that infrastructure is now mentioned.

In the foreword to the strategy document by Kersten England (Chair of Cycle Yorkshire and Chief Executive of the City of York Council, p3), Cycle Yorkshire is described as '...a broad alliance of enthusiastic and passionate people who are committed to delivering a significant and enduring legacy of the Tour de France's visit to Yorkshire...'

One the ideas developed in the document is that of a Bike Library (p8), a place where children would have free access to bikes, and adults could hire them for a small fee. 

The new strategy document also welcomes British Cycling's Choose Cycling manifesto (p10). Cycle Yorkshire is careful in its wording, to be supportive of the manifesto, without explicitly saying it supports the ten manifesto recommendations:

'The recently launched national Choose Cycling campaign identifies 10 proposals which complement Cycle Yorkshire's ambitions. We support their goal to ensure cycling is forefront of mind [sic] in road design, and share their aim to develop better sharing and respect on the roads. We also agree that national and local governments should set out long-term cycling strategies.'

On infrastructure, the new strategy document says (p11), '...all of our local authority members have created their own long term cycling strategies at a local level.' However, as the BBC's Matt Slater reports, this will have to be done with existing funding, as there is no new money.

The Cycle Yorkshire website is to become 'a one stop shop for all things cycling in the area.' This includes information on routes, organised rides, maintenance tips, cycling campaigns, project updates, and, as (if it were Radio 5 Live!) 'your cycling stories'.

Finally, the document (p6) invites everyone - individuals, sports clubs, businesses, schools, social enterprises and community groups - to become members of Cycle Yorkshire. It says that people can sign up on the Cycle Yorkshire website, but it's not clear to us that that's possible, at the time of writing. The alternative is to email legacy@cycleyorkshire.com.

Yorkshire Tour de France legacy: education packs

Cycle Yorkshire has education packs for teachers, community leaders, and parents, which are aimed at young people aged 7 to 14. Section A has background information on the Tour; Section B has ideas and resources for activities related to the curriculum; and Section C has further useful links and resources.

Yorkshire Tour de France legacy: legacy in Harrogate

A report by Harrogate BC in August 2013, as part of the approval for the financing of the Tour, stresses that the objective in bringing the Tour to town is 'to build a lasting legacy for cycling and tourism.' It also says, 'Fundamental to a successful Tour de France in Yorkshire will be a strong legacy.' So far there is little detail, although it seems there are plans to link Harrogate to the Harland cycleway from Spofforth to Wetherby.

Hedgehog Cycling's idea for a Tour de France legacy route is a proper separated cycleway from Harrogate, out along Penny Pot Lane, then back to Harrogate via Watson's Lane, Broad Dubb Lane, and Norwood Lane.

Yorkshire Tour de France legacy: news

Yorkshire Tour de France legacy news: annual 3-day race to start in Hull

23rd June 2014

The annual 3-day Yorkshire cycle race, due to begin in May 2015, will be based in Hull. Although the route of the first edition has not yet been finalised, it is likely to begin in Hull, and cross the Humber bridge, before heading west into the countryside. The race is a sort of compensation for Hull, which missed out on the Tour de France 2014. Read about the 3-day Yorkshire cycle race...

Yorkshire Tour de France legacy news: bike maintenance courses

1st May 2014

As part of the Yorkshire Tour de France legacy, Welcome to Yorkshire has organised subsidised bike maintenance  courses at Dalby Bike Barn, Thornton le Dale, and more general cycle tourism courses. Read about the Yorkshire Tour de France legacy bike courses...