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Tour de France in Oughtibridge

Stage 2 of the Tour de France 2014 passes through Oughtibridge. Leaving the village, the riders tackle the Côte d' Oughtibridge climb towards Grenoside, and there's a spectator hub at Coronation Park, at the foot of the climb.

Oughtibridge is a residential village on the NW edge of Sheffield, about 5 miles outside the city centre. It has a population of 3,584 (2011 census). 

In the 1100s, there was a ford of the river Don here, and it was managed by a man called Oughtred. A bridge was built in 1150, and it was known as Oughtred's Bridge, or Oughty's Bridge. That is the origin of the name of the village, according to The Cock Inn's history. The village was first referred to in a document in 1161, when it was called 'Ughtinabrigg'.

In 1747, there were still only five families in Oughtibridge, but it expanded with the Industrial Revolution. The river Don provided power, via water mills, and various industries grew up. There was a forge (on Forge Lane, which still exists). There was also a corn mill, and a paper mill, which was bought by the Dixon family in 1871, and later produced toilet tissue under the Dixcel brand - see the advertisement below:

There was also a tannery and a small brewery, and from 1845, Oughtibridge had a railway station.

Oughtibridge is now a commuter village. It has four pubs - the Pheasant, the Cock Inn, the Travellers' Rest, and the Hare & Hounds. 

The Sheffield Canoe Club has a base on the river Don at Oughtibridge. There's Oughtibridge Brass Band. Football and cricket are played on the War Memorial sports ground, and there will be a Tour de France campsite there (see Tour de France in Oughtibridge below). Oughtibridge has a park called Coronation Park, which will be a spectator hub during the Tour.

Tour de France in Oughtibridge

Oughtibridge will be a popular place to watch the 2014 Tour de France.

The riders arrive in Oughtibridge from Worral on Haggstones Road. They take Church Street through the village and down to the A6102, where they cross the two carriageways, before going over the river Don. Station Lane takes them past Coronation Park and over the railway line, then onto Oughtibridge Lane and up the Côte d' Oughtibridge (or Jawbone) climb

There's to be a spectator hub at the foot of the climb, in Coronation Park, with space for more than 2,500 people. All the spectator hubs will have big screens, to follow the race before and after the riders pass by.

The publicity caravan is due in Oughtibridge at 2.10pm on Sunday 6th July. The peloton will get there between 3.42 and 4.10pm. (See the full timings for Stage 2).

There'll be Tour de France campsites in Oughtibridge, including Yorkshire Premium Cycle Camp, which is at the War Memorial Sports Ground, not far from the specatator hub. It has shower, bar and cafe facilities in the clubhouse, and there'll be live entertainment, and a BBQ on the Saturday night. A tent pitch is £144 for 3 nights, Friday to Sunday inclusive. 

Jawbone Hill Camping at Stoney Bank Farm costs £20 per person per night, with no minimum stay. It's right by the race route, at the foot of the Jawbone climb, on the left hand side just after the riders go over the railway line. Tents only, with parking in an adjacent field; toilet and washing facilities with hot water. 

Another Oughtibridge campsite is Greenhead Fields, a little further up the climb, on the right hand side of Oughtibridge Lane.