Cons pretend to be factcheckUK

21st November 2019

Conservative Twitter account branded as factcheckUK
Conservative Twitter account misleadingly branded as factcheckUK

During Tuesday's election debate on ITV, the Conservative Party re-branded its Twitter account to make it look as though it was the account of an independent fact-checking organisation. The name the Party made up was factcheckUK.

The Conservative Party is a political party, not an independent fact-checking organisation, so this was a lie. Twitter said the Party had misled the public, which was clearly the intention.

Dominic Raab

Genuine fact-checking agency FullFact said, 'it is inappropriate and misleading for the Conservative Press Office to rename their Twitter account factcheckUK during this debate.' Conservative Dominic Raab responded by rubbishing FullFact, asking 'who said FullFact is the final arbiter...? It doesn't sound to me like they like the competition.'

FullFact is actually an independent fact-checking service, and the Tory Party isn't.

Raab went on to say 'no one gives a toss about the social media'. This man is the Foreign Secretary. God help us all.

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