UK Election 2019

Exit Brexit
Exit Brexit, by Sian Burkitt, Licence CC BY 2.0

Conservatives spread misinformation - Berners-Lee

25th November 2019

Sir Tim Berners-Lee
Sir Tim Berners-Lee, by Knight Foundation, Licence CC BY-SA 2.0

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the world wide web, says that the Conservatives are guilty of spreading misinformation with their factcheckUK stunt. 'Don't trust people who do that.'

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£200,000 Russian donation to Conservatives

23rd November 2019


FactcheckUK (formerly known as the Conservative Party) were given £200,000 by the wife of one of Vladimir Putin's former ministers.

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Cons pretend to be factcheckUK

21st November 2019

Conservative Twitter account branded as factcheckUK
Conservative Twitter account misleadingly branded as factcheckUK

During Tuesday's election debate on ITV, the Conservative Party re-branded its Twitter account to make it look as though it was the account of an independent fact-checking organisation. The name the Party made up was factcheckUK.

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Kompany on Brexit

16th November 2019

Vincent Kompany
Vincent Kompany, by Erik Drost, Licence CC BY 2.0

In conversation with Donald McRae, former Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany spoke eloquently about Brexit.

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Sustrans Election Manifesto

14th November 2019

Sustrans path over Nidd viaduct
Sustrans path over Nidd viaduct

Sustrans has produced its own manifesto for the General Election 2019. It is asking all parties to commit to more investment in walking and cycling, as a solution to the climate crisis.

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Johnson underwhelms flood victims

13th November 2019

Flooding near Doncaster
Flooding at Bentley in 2007, by Chris Northwood, Licence CC BY-SA 2.0

Boris Johnson finally travelled to Doncaster five days after the floods had begun. Locals were not impressed.

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Brexit Party won't stand against Cons

11th November 2019

Farage, by Gage Skidmore, Licence CC BY-SA 2.0

In a move that smacks of a secret alliance, Nigel Farage announced that his Brexit Party won't stand in seats with a sitting Tory MP. Now you know - there's nothing between the Brexit Party and the Conservatives. They have the same policy.

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Andrew Jones MP 85% against the environment

10th November 2019

Andrew Jones voting record environment
Andrew Jones MP's voting record on the environment (click to enlarge)

A Guardian analysis shows that Andrew Jones, MP for Harrogate & Knaresborough, voted against environmental measures 85% of the time.

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Cons against the environment

7th November 2019

Fire buckets
Fire buckets, by Allan Harris, Licence CC BY-ND 2.0

The Conservative candidate for Reading East has no idea about the severity of the climate crisis. He thinks it's 'a theory that relies on shaky evidence'. He thinks climate change has been "overexaggerated".

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Cons doctor Keir Starmer interview

6th November 2019

Keir Starmer
Keir Starmer, by Chatham House, Licence CC BY 2.0

The Conservatives doctored an interview with Keir Starmer on Good Morning Britain. They made it look as though he had no answer to a question, when in fact he gave a detailed reply straight away.

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Johnson supresses Russia report

5th November 2019


Conservative party leader Johnson is suppressing a Parliamentary report into Russian interference in the British political process.

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Cons against warm homes

4th November 2019

Loft insulation
Loft insulation

The Conservatives are against a policy to insulate UK homes and make them more efficient. The move would lower people's energy bills, and help tackle the climate crisis.

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