Majority of Drivers Speed on 30mph Roads

11th March 2021

Graphic showing speeds on 30mph roads
Speeds on 30mph roads

The majority of drivers speed on 30mph roads, the latest DfT Vehicle Speed Compliance Statistics show.

The figures published this month are for the final quarter of 2020, October to December. The speeding statistics are for free-flowing conditions - where drivers choose their own speed without restricting factors such as traffic jams or sharp bends.

The report shows that 52% of drivers exceeded 30mph in Q4 of 2020 - down from 55% in Q3 and 63% in the Q2.

Speeding statistics

Motorways also saw high levels of law-breaking, with 47% of drivers exceeding the speed limit in Q4. On National Speed Limit roads (60mph), the equivalent figure was only 10%.

Licensing, Insurance and Registration

These statistics spell the end of calls for people to be forced to get a licence to ride a bike, and for arguments for compulsory insurance and registration.

Internet 'experts' have often cited licensing, insurance and registration as desirable to eliminate law-breaking.

Currently, all drivers must be licensed, have a registration plate for their car, and buy insurance - yet the majority break the law anyway. Clearly these measures do not work.

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