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The Dutch cycled further than ever in 2014

21st October 2015

Cyclist in Utrecht

Cycling was more popular than ever in the Netherlands in 2014, according to a report on NOS.nl.  

The average distance cycled per person was 1018km, although there were significant regional differences, with the people of Groningen cycling the most (1121km), and Limburgers the least (759km). (Limburger Tom Dumoulin may be upping the average for Limburgers, however).

Around the turn of the century, the average distance cycled was only 865km, and the increased distance is thought to be due to the increasing popularity of the electric bike. Of the 1.05 million bikes sold in the Netherlands last year, 223,000 of them were electric.

Tom Huyskens of Bovag, one of the organisations which provided the figures, said, 'The e-bike makes it easier for people to travel greater distances, and the electric bike's share of the market has gone from 3% to 22% in 10 years.'

The electric bike has also increased the average amount spent on a bike, which was €844 in 2014, 7% higher than in 2013. In 1999, the average spend per bike was only €400.

Electric bikes are regarded as a successful Dutch product. €414 million were spent on them in Holland in 2014, and half of them were made there.

The bike manufacturer Gazelle, based in Dieren, in the Dutch province of Gelderland, wants to become European market leader in electric bikes. It recently invested €10 million in modernising its factory, which was reopened by King Willem-Alexander. 25% of Gazelle's turnover comes from electric bikes, but it expects to see that grow to 50% in the coming years.

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