Transforming Cities Harrogate

21st February 2021

Harrogate Station Square
Harrogate station

Plans for improvements to Harrogate's 'station gateway' were announced on Friday 19th February. The local authorities have won £7.8 million in government funding under the Transforming Cities programme.

Under the plans, there would be a new public events space at Station Square, reports the Stray Ferrett, with a water feature.

A bike path would link to the station, and there would be cycle storage. Buses would be given priority areas on lower Station Parade and Cheltenham Parade. Motor traffic on Station Parade would be reduced to one lane.

James Street would be pedestrianised, or part-pedestrianised.

Town Centre Strategy and Masterplan

These ideas were developed from 2016 onwards, as part of Harrogate Borough Council's Town Centre Strategy and Masterplan. Harrogate has pledged to have a net-zero carbon economy by 2038.

Phil Ireland told the Harrogate Advertiser:

'Through the Harrogate Congestion Study, it was clear the community wanted to see improvements to walking, cycling and public transport prioritised. The TCF project is the first step to delivering this and I'm pleased that the hard work and determination of council officers has paid off...This funding will allow communities across the region to easily access a transport network which is hassle-free and offers realistic sustainable alternatives to the car.'

Consultation and Timetable

The consultation starts on Wednesday 24th February and runs until 24th March 2021. There are two main options.

One-Lane Option

The One-Lane Option reduces Station Parade to one lane for motor vehicles, and provides a two-way bike lane. Lower Station Parade is made one-way, and it gets a bus lane and a two-way bike lane.

There are also bike lanes either side of East Parade.

Two-Lane Option

The Two-Lane Option keeps two lanes for motor vehicles on Station Parade. The two-way bike lane from the south stops at the station. Arrangements on Lower Station Parade are the same as in the One-Lane Option.

East Parade gets bike lanes as above, but also a very nice Dutch roundabout at the junction of East Parade and Bower Street.

The options are set out in greater detail on Harrogate District Cycle Action's website.

Next Steps

Designs will be finalised after the consultation, and construction is due to begin in Summer 2022, with work finished sometime in 2023.

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