Conservatives spread misinformation - Berners-Lee

25th November 2019

Sir Tim Berners-Lee
Sir Tim Berners-Lee, by Knight Foundation, Licence CC BY-SA 2.0

FactcheckUK (formerly known as the Conservative Party) have been spreading misinformation during the election campaign, says the inventor of the world wide web Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Talking to the BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones, Berners-Lee described the Conservatives' factcheckUK stunt as 'impersonation. Don't do that. Don't trust people who do that.'

'Really bad,' he added. 'What they did by impersonating an independent organisation, it was unbelievable they would do that'.

Lies and propaganda

The web can be used for dishonest propaganda. It can be abused to dupe people.

A serious political party would be concerned about that; it would take steps to stop it happening; it would want to ensure honesty and fair play.

The Conservatives' reaction is to say 'ooh, we've got to have some of that action. How can we advance our interests by telling lies on the web, and hoodwinking voters?'

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