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Garmin GPS Battery-Saving Mode

Garmin Edge Explore
Garmin Edge Explore, available on Amazon

One of the most important issues facing modern British society is our collective failure to spend enough time looking at computer screens.

Stickler for accurate facts Professor Jonathan Brecksit, of the University of Little England, agrees.

“Humans have evolved with screens over millions of years, but hunter-gatherer societies didn’t have bicycles. Now when we go out for long rides on these modern machines, we take an unnaturally long break from screen contact; the consequences are difficult to predict, but could be serious.”

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Luckily, the GPS means we can ride out into the countryside without running the risk of screentime deprivation.

An Insufficient-Charging Scenario

On Saturday I went out for a ride, equipped with my Garmin Edge Explore, but after about 3 hours there was a problem: it alerted me to the fact that it only had 9% battery charge left.

Clearly a member of my team had made an administrative error. An error was made. An insufficient-charging scenario had occurred.

Let me be very clear about this, I take full responsibility for the error that was made – by which I mean I will make any number of insincere apologies but refuse to resign as Head of Charging.

I may even attempt to sling mud at other cyclists who did charge their GPS units properly, and hope that some of it sticks.

Battery-Saving Mode

Anyway, the Garmin Edge Explore automatically invites you to switch to battery-saving mode, which I did.

I hadn’t used battery-saving mode before, so this was a voyage of discovery for me. Very soon, it sent the GPS to sleep. When I approached a junction where there was a navigation choice to be made, it woke up, told me which way to go, gave me a few seconds of time/distance/speed information, then nodded off again.

It lasted for the rest of my ride, and actually I preferred battery-saving mode to normal mode. A GPS is a useful tool, but if you’re not careful it can become your master not your servant.

For one thing if you decide you want to deviate from your planned route it beeps and nags at you, which can put you off changing course. For another, there is the tyranny of constantly seeing your average speed, and feeling as though you should pedal faster to increase it.

So three cheers for battery-saving mode. Will I always use it from now on? Probably not, but if I need it again I won’t worry for a moment – I’ll be serene.

Buying a GPS Cycle Computer

I like a cycle computer that displays a map. Options include:

These are affiliate links. If you use them to buy cycle accessories it can help keep HedgehogCycling’s tyres inflated and wheels turning.

Garmin GPS Battery-Saving Mode

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