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Cycling minister Jesse Norman: response to the Alliston case

2nd October 2017

Jesse Norman cycling minister

Jesse Norman, minister responsible for cycling in the DfT, by Policy Exchange, Licence CC BY 2.0

The new minister with responsibility for cycling in the DfT, Jesse Norman, responded to the Charlie Alliston case by announcing a review to look at introducing new offences of causing serious injury or death by careless or dangerous cycling. Mr Norman claims that there are already strict laws which 'ensure drivers who put people's lives at risk are punished'. Is he right? Is this review cynical and populist, or genuinely trying to improve road safety in an even-handed way? Is Mr Norman applying double standards, to bike riders and other road users?

Read about cycling minister Jesse Norman's response to the Charlie Alliston case.

A Country in a Jam

28th September 2017

Traffic on Otley Road Harrogate

In August this year, the LGA produced a report called A Country in a Jam, looking at innovative solutions to congestion being employed by local authorities. This includes investment in active travel in Bristol. The report calls for more powers for councils to deal with traffic jams in various ways. Read about A Country in a Jam.

UK clean air plan July 2017

26th July 2017

Traffic jam in a UK town

DEFRA today published its latest clean air plan, designed to combat illegal levels of NO2 pollution caused by diesel vehicles. The headline-grabbing feature of the document is the re-announcement of an intention already made public in 2011, to end the sale of conventionally-powered vehicles by 2040. Is there anything practical in the plans which will reduce pollution now? Read about the UK clean air plan July 2017.


April 2017

Cycling signs at York Place, Harrogate

The government's Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy, published on 21st April 2017, contains an 'ambition' to make cycling and walking the natural choices for short journeys, or as part of longer journeys. It sets some aims or targets, includes a statement of resources, and an action plan. Read about the Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy.

Appalling DfT THINK! 'road safety' video

26th September 2016

DfT THINK! video (still)

The Department for Transport today published an unhelpful and gratuitously gory 'road safety' video, which appears to put all the onus on people riding bikes to avoid being crushed by left-turning lorries - while the message to the drivers of large vehicles is, apparently, 'drive how you like, you're not the one who is going to end up dead.' Chris Boardman described the video as 'desperately misguided', and accused the campaign of trying to make death fun. Harrogate & Knaresborough MP Andrew Jones is the Minister in the DfT with responsibility for road safety and cycling. Read about appalling DfT THINK! video.

'Best cyclist safety initiative ever' by West Midlands Police

17th September 2016

A West Midlands Police initiative to educate and, if necessary, prosecute drivers for close passes has been described as the best cyclist road safety initiative ever, by Cycling UK. Read more about 'best cyclist safety intiative ever' by West Midlands Police.

Olympic cyclists ask for everyday cycling investment

1st September 2016

Jason Kenny

Jason Kenny, by Pistol Peet, Licence CC BY-ND 2.0

Olympic cyclists including Laura Trott and Jason Kenny have written to Prime Minister Theresa May, to tell her that the best way to honour their achievements is to invest heavily in everyday cycling. They ask her to meet British Cycling policy advisor Chris Boardman. Read about the Olympic cyclists ask for everyday cycling investment.

May supports Yorkshire World Road Championships bid

19th August 2016

Theresa May

Theresa May, by DFID, Licence CC BY 2.0

Prime Minister Theresa May is backing Yorkshire's bid to host the 2019 World Road Championships. Her support was set out in an article in the Yorkshire Post yesterday, which also made vague reference to government cycling investment of £24m, or £15m, or maybe both. Read about May supports Yorkshire World Road Championships bid.

Andrew Jones, cycling minister

5th August 2016

Andrew Jones MP with Chris Boardman

Andrew Jones MP with Chris Boardman, by Carlton Reid, Flickr, Licence CC BY 2.0

During the recent reshuffle at the Department for Transport, Andrew Jones, MP for Harrogate & Knaresborough, kept his job as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, but added sustainable travel, cycling, and walking to his brief. Read about the UK cycling minister.

British Cycling launches Choose Cycling Charter

29th July 2016

Cycle commuters in front of Debenhams

Cycle commuters, by Tejvan Pettinger, Flickr, Licence CC BY 2.0

Following a consultation with 20,000 of its members about the best way to make cycling easier, safer, and more appealing, British Cycling has launched a 3-point Charter, and it is urging local authorities to sign up. The Charter covers cycling infrastructure, and the investment needed to improve it. It also calls for stronger leadership to normalise cycling, and make it safe, accessible, and aspirational. Read about British Cycling launches Choose Cycling Charter.

RideLondon 2016

Ride London - Surrey in 2013

RideLondon - Surrey in 2013, by Sludge G, Flickr, Licence CC BY-SA 2.0

Ride London 2016 is packed with cycling events, including FreeCycle on Saturday 30th July, a closed-road family ride past some of the most famous sights and monuments in the capital, RideLondon-Surrey 100, an amateur sportive following the route of the Olympic road race, and the RideLondon-Surrey Classic professional road race, which features Tour de France winner Chris Froome. Read about RideLondon 2016 and RideLondon Classic race report.

Boardman's mum killed while cycling

17th July 2016

Chris Boardman

Chris Boardman, by Dave Smith, Flickr, Licence CC BY-SA 2.0

Chris Boardman's mum was killed while cycling in North Wales yesterday. Carol Boardman was hit by a white Mitsubishi pick-up truck at a roundabout, and died from her injuries. Read about Boardman's mum killed while cycling.

Robert Goodwill leaves DfT

16th July 2016

Robert Goodwill

Robert Goodwill MP, by International Maritime Organisation, Flickr, Licence CC BY 2.0

Robert Goodwill has left the Department for Transport. The former Minister of State for transport moves to the Home Office, and is replaced by John Hayes. Read about Robert Goodwill leaves DfT.

Chris Grayling new Transport Secretary

15th July 2016

Chris Grayling

Chris Grayling, by LadyGeekTV, Flickr, Licence CC BY-ND 2.0

Chris Grayling was yesterday appointed as the Transport Secretary, replacing Patrick McLoughlin. Robert Goodwill remains the minister in the DfT with responsibility for cycling, and Philip Hammond is the new Chancellor. What does it mean for cycling (and is it time to despair?) Read about Grayling new Transport Secretary.

APPCG enquiry into the Cycling & Walking Investment Strategy

24th May 2016

Houses of Parliament

The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group (APPCG) yesterday held an enquiry into the government's Cycling & Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS). Cycle campaign organisations have been critical of the pitiful level of funding planned. Robert Goodwill gave evidence to the enquiry. Read about APPCG enquiry into the CWIS...

Passing distance petition

6th May 2016

French cyclist passing distance sign

A petition to Parliament asks for a minimum passing distance when overtaking cyclists. It says the current requirement to leave 'plenty of room' is too open to individual interpretation. Read about passing distance petition...

Draft cycling and walking investment strategy published on Easter Sunday

27th March 2016

Houses of Parliament, London

In a bizarre move, the Department for Transport published its draft cycling and walking investment strategy today, Easter Sunday. One might speculate that the publication date was chosen for media managment reasons, to generate minimum adverse publicity. British Cycling and CTC have condemned the dismal funding committed to cycling and walking. Read about draft cycling and walking invetment strategy published...

London Mayor's cycling report

25th March 2016

Cycle Superhighway 2, London

The outgoing London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has produced a report on the achievements of his 'cycling vision', with suggestions for his successor. In the foreword, he says, 'my biggest regret as Mayor is that I did not do it sooner'. Read about the London Mayor's cycling report...

Cycling Embassy of Great Britain's design principles

14th March 2016

Spanish cycle infrastructure

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain published draft design principles for mass cycling last month. They suggest categorising roads as 'through', 'distributor', or 'access', and providing for cycling according to the road category. Read more about the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain's design principles...

Support for segregated cycle infrastructure - poll

4th March 2016

Leeds-Bradford cycle superhighway, junction

A YouGov poll for British Cycling shows that 71% of people support building segregated cycle tracks on main roads. Support holds across social grades, age groups, and political preferences. Read more about support for segregated cycle infrastructure...

NHS to help create healthy new towns

3rd March 2016

Cyclist on Leeds-Bradford cycle superhighway

The NHS is to help create ten healthy new towns. It will work with town planners to build healthy living into the new housing developments which have been chosen for the project. Read more about NHS to help create healthy new towns...

More traffic than ever before in 2015

13th February 2016

Traffic in the centre of Ilkley

There was more traffic on Britain's roads than ever before, in 2015, according to a DfT report. Traffic rose above the level before the financial crash, for the first time, and rush hour speeds decreased. Read about more traffic than ever before in 2015...

MPs debate investment in cycling

7th February 2016

Westminster, London

MPs debated funding for cycling, at Westminster Hall, on 3rd February 2016, on a motion by Conservative MP for Bolton West Chris Green. Read about MPs debate investment in cycling...

Increase in cyclists in central London

4th February 2016

Tower of London, London

The number of cyclists entering central London during rush hour tripled between 2000 and 2014, according to a TfL report. Read more about increase in cyclists in central London...

Helmets may increase risk-taking

25th January 2016

Bike helmets

Research by the University of Bath's psychology department shows that wearing a helmet may increase risk-taking. Read more about helmets may increase risk-taking...

Chris Froome awarded OBE

2nd January 2016

Chris Froome

Chris Froome was awarded an OBE in the New Year's Honours List. Read more about Chris Froome awarded OBE...

DfT publishes timetable and approach to Cycling & Walking Investment strategy

19th December 2015

Houses of Parliament, London

The government has published a document called 'Setting the First Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy', which sets out the timetable for publishing and consulting on the final strategy, which should be complete by summer 2016. Read more about DfT publishes timetable and approach to Cycling & Walking Investment Strategy...

Osborne's spending review slashes cycling funding

25th November 2015

Houses of Parliament, London

Chancellor George Osborne today betrayed Britain's cyclists, announcing dismal funding for cycling in his spending review. The result is spending per head in England which will be a tiny proportion of the £10 supported by David Cameron during the General Election campaign. Read about Osborne's spending review slashes cycling funding...

Cycling Investment Strategy progress report

18th November 2015

Chris Boardman recently met with transport minister Robert Goodwill, to discuss funding for the Cycling & Walking Investment Strategy, in advance of the Comprehensive Spending Review on 25th November, but was left 'none the wiser.' Read a Cycling Investment Strategy progress report...

British Cycling: 3 lessons from Copenhagen

11th November 2015

Chris Boardman has produced a video for British Cycling, following his recent visit to Copenhagen with Cycling Minister Robert Goodwill, setting out three lessons the UK can learn from Copenhagen, to make cycling safer and more attractive. Read more about British Cycling's 3 lessons from Copenhagen...

Sustrans Bike Life survey results

21st October 2015

Sustrans bike path signs

Sustrans Bike Life survey results released today show that 75% of people would like national governments to invest more in cycling. Read about Sustrans Bike Life survey results...

Leeds Bradford Cycle Superhighway takes shape

18th October 2015

Cycle Superhighway at Thornbury

I had a look at the Leeds Bradford Cycle Superhighway today. It's said to be about 50% complete, and enough has been done to get some idea of the quality of what is being built. Read my account and see some photos of the Leeds Bradford Cycle Superhighway...

Boardman and Goodwill visit Copenhagen

13th October 2015

Cycling minister Robert Goodwill said he was 'blown away' by a visit to Copenhagen with Chris Boardman, at the invitation of British Cycling. He intends to re-double his efforts back in the UK to do more for cyclists. Read about Boardman and Goodwill visit Copenhagen...

Lizzie Armitstead is World Champion

27th September 2015

Otley's Lizzie Armitstead yeterday won the elite women's road race at the World Championships in Richmond Virginia, and will wear the famous world champion's rainbow bands jersey in road races for the next year. Read more about Lizzie Armitstead is World Champion...

Traffic signs reduction taskforce

4th September 2015

Road humps sign

Alan Duncan has been appointed to oversee a taskforce to 'obliterate pointless road signs'. It all sounds a bit Bruce Willis, but is it necessary, and are there some new road signs (such as a cyclists passing distance sign) which should be introduced? Read about the traffic signs reduction taskforce...

Cycle to Work Day events around the country

2nd September 2015

Cycle to Work Day logo

It's Cycle to Work Day tomorrow, Thursday 3rd September. Whose idea was Cycle to Work Day? More importantly, what events are going on around the country, and where can you get a free breakfast? Read about Cycle to Work Day events around the country...

Northern Ireland publishes Bicycle Strategy

31st August 2015

Cycle infrastructure

Northern Ireland has published an enlightened, sensible, reasonably ambitious bicycle strategy for the next 25 years. Minister for Regional Development Danny Kennedy has identified the benefits to the community and local economy of bike travel, and has set targets for the percentage of short journeys to be made by bike, by 2025 and by 2040. There's a plan for how to achieve them, although the funding is not in place. Read about a bicycle strategy for Northern Ireland...

Royal Parks agree to east-west cycle superhighway

21st August 2015

Proposed section of cycle superhighway, Spur Rd

The Mayor, TfL, and the Royal Parks have reached agreement on the section of the east-west cycle superhighway which passes through St James's and Green Parks. This breakthrough allays fears that there would be a gap in the segregated route. Read about Royal Parks agree to east-west cycle superhighway...

Side by Side video on riding two abreast

14th August 2015

Carlton Reid has released the video 'Side by Side', which explains why cyclists sometimes ride two abreast. This is the follow-up to 'How to Overtake Cyclists' pubslished earlier this week. Read about and watch Side by Side...

Leeds & Liverpool canal, Shipley to Leeds towpath upgrade

12th August 2015

The Rodley Barge, on the Leeds & Liverpool canal

The re-surfacing of the Leeds & Liverpool canal towpath from Shipley to Leeds, part of the Cycle City Connect project, is complete - or phase 1 of it is nearly complete, at least. I rode the full route yesterday to check it out and see what it's like. Read about the Leeds & Liverpool canal, Shipley to Leeds towpath upgrade. Do you use this route? What do you think of it?

New How to Overtake Cyclists video

10th August 2015

A new video, How to Overtake Cyclists, has been released today. Produced by Carlton Reid, and presented by Chris Boardman, the video shows how to apply rule 163 of the Highway Code, and give cyclists plenty of room when overtaking. Read about and watch Carlton Reid's How to Overtake Cyclists video...

Cambridge cycling news roundup

6th August 2015

King's College, Cambridge

Julian Huppert, the former LibDem MP for Cambridge, has been speaking to the Cambridge Cycling Campaign about progress made on cycling in the last Parliament, and his personal highs and lows; and Streetfilms has made a video on how and why cycling is flourishing in Cambridge. Read our Cambridge cycling news roundup...

Prudential Ride London 2015

2nd August 2015

river Thames, London

The Ride London Surrey Classic, the men's professional road race at the Prudential Ride London cycling festival weekend, took place today. It was won by Jean-Pierre Drucker of BMC Racing, from a breakaway group of four. Read about Prudential Ride London 2015...

McLay wins Otley cycle race 2015

1st July 2015

Spectators at Otley cycle race 2015

Otley cycle races 2015 took place yesterday evening. Daniel McLay won the men's race, while in the women's event, Sarah Storey was pipped in a sprint by Annasley Park. Read about Otley cycle races 2015...

5 year sentence for death by dangerous driving

1st July 2015

Julie Watson, who was convicted of causing death by dangerous driving, has been sentenced to 5 years in jail and banned from driving for 10 years, the BBC reports. She hit and killed Alistair Speed, who was riding his bike. It seems Watson was making a mobile phone call at the time, but she deleted the record of the call from her phone.

Kennaugh and Armitstead win British road race titles

28th June 2015

Peter Kennaugh won the British Cycling national road race championships for the second year running, beating fellow Manxman Mark Cavendish into second place. Lizzie Armitstead took a comfortable win in the women's race. Read more on the Kennaugh and Armitstead win British road race titles...

British national championships time trial 2015

25th June 2015

Alex Dowsett

It was the British Cycling national time trials championships today, at Cadwell Park in Lincolnshire. Hayley Simmonds won the women's event. In the men's race, Alex Dowsett was the favourite, and he didn't disappoint, winning by over 3 minutes. Read more about the British national championships time trials 2015...

ISCA report on inactivity time bomb

18th June 2015

ISCA inactivity graphic

The International Sport and Culture Association has produced a report on inactivity in Europe, focusing on six countries, including the UK. It sets out the proportion of adults failing to engage in the recommended minimum amount of physical activity, the health consequences, and the economic costs. Read more about the ISCA report on inactivity time bomb...

Cycling news from 2014

UK cycling news reports from 2014...

Cycling news from 2013

UK cycling news reports from 2013...

Chris Grayling new Transport Secretary

15th July 2016

Chris Grayling

Chris Grayling, by LadyGeekTV, Flickr, Licence CC BY-ND 2.0

Chris Grayling was yesterday appointed as the Transport Secretary, replacing Patrick McLoughlin. Robert Goodwill remains the minister in the DfT with responsibility for cycling, and Philip Hammond is the new Chancellor. What does it mean for cycling (and is it time to despair?) Read about Grayling new Transport Secretary...

British Cycling's 'Time to Choose Cycling' manifesto

Cycle crossing

British Cycling launched a manifesto, Time to Choose Cycling, in February 2014, accompanied by research from Cambridge University showing the effect that increased cycling could have on inactivity-related illnesses. The manifesto makes ten recommendations for cycling in the UK. Among them is meaningful and consistent investment in cycle infrastructure, of £10 per UK adult, rising to £20. Read about British Cycling's Time to Choose Cycling manifesto.

Cycle City Ambition

The Cycle City Ambition grants, announced by David Cameron on 12th August 2013, awarded a total of £94m to eight cities and four National Parks for a period of two years, for cycling infrastructure. Read about the winnning bids, and the projects being pursued, using the Cycle City Ambition money.

All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group's Get Britain Cycling Report

Houses of Parliament, London

The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group produced a report on cycling in the UK in April 2013, called Get Britain Cycling. The report followed evidence taken by the Group during an Inquiry. It identifies ways to enable more people to take up cycling, to cycle more often, and more safely. Read about the APPCG Get Britain Cycling report.

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