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Harrogate Station Gateway Approved by North Yorkshire Executive

Harrogate Station Gateway
Harrogate Station Gateway

Harrogate Station Gateway took a step forward yesterday as the North Yorkshire County Council Executive voted unanimously in favour of it proceeding.

A report by the Corporate Director was presented to the Executive meeting. It refers to the Harrogate Congestion Study, which provides a mandate for the Station Gateway project. 77% of 15,500 respondents asked for better walking and cycling provision as part of the solution to Harrogate’s congestion problems.

The report also details the results of the two consultations on Station Gateway.


The first consultation showed strong support for the aims and objectives of the project.

In the second consultation on the detailed designs, there was strong support from those who feel the proposals will enable more cycling and walking. 52% of respondents said the scheme would improve the look and feel of the town.

On the other hand, the second consultation revealed significant negative feeling, with concerns that the designs will negatively impact business and increase congestion. The council’s modelling report shows that at worst, journey times through Harrogate town centre could increase by 53 seconds at the busiest time of day (the afternoon peak).

If people switch to more sustainable modes of transport, the impact will be less. If nothing is done and active travel remains dangerous and unpleasant, traffic levels and congestion will certainly increase. At a time when we know we need to reduce the number of vehicle trips, betting our future on the motor car would not be the right thing to do.

Next Steps

Executive Member for Access Don Mackenzie hailed the Station Gateway project as the greatest investment in Harrogate town centre for decades.

The next step is that detailed designs will be finalised and submitted to the West Yorkshire Combined Authority as a final business case, in May this year.

Work will start later in 2022. The initial completion date is March 2023, but construction could continue into 2024.

Harrogate Station Gateway Approved by North Yorkshire Executive

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