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Further Tadcaster Road Consultation

Cycle lane bollard
Cycle lane bollard

West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) is running a further consultation on proposed changes to Tadcaster Road, York. The original consultation took place in September 2021.

The new consultation relates to changes in the design near the Slingsby Grove shops, and is aimed at local residents in particular. One aspect is general though – the proposal for cycle lane bollards.

Parking Spaces

It is proposed to reduce the number of parking spaces at Slingsby Road shops by two, one either side of the road. The design shows a cycle track running behind the bus stop and parking spaces on the SE side of the road.

The design document also shows a new location for a light-controlled pedestrian crossing of Tadcaster Road.

Stepped Cycle Track Between The Horseshoe and Slingsby Grove

A stepped cycle track is proposed for the NW side of Tadcaster Road between The Horseshoe and Slingsby Grove. It’s shown on this drawing. The track’s width is not stated.

Cycle Lane Bollards

The consultation page states that there will be some cycle lane bollards on the route.

‘New cycle lane bollards at strategic locations along the route. These highly visible plastic bollards will clearly indicate the cycle lane, to help provide additional protection to people cycling from motorised traffic…The cycle lanes will also be surfaced green, across the mouth of side roads, to highlight their presence to other road users.’

tadcaster road consultation page

Compliance with LTN 1/20

The bollards are certainly an improvement, but “strategic locations” makes it sound as though there won’t be many of them, and the design is still largely painted cycle lanes.

Most people perceive painted cycle lanes on busy main roads to be unsafe.

Para 6.1.6, LTN 1/20
Para 6.1.6, LTN 1/20

It’s hard to imagine parents letting their children ride to school via Tadcaster Road with only occasional bollards for protection.

Figure 4.1 of LTN 1/20 sets out when cycle lanes are acceptable, and when protected space for cycling is needed. Even with a 30mph limit, high volumes of traffic (6,000+ per day) mean that unprotected cycle lanes are not suitable on Tadcaster Road, and the design is therefore not LTN 1/20-compliant.

The width (1.8m) is below the Desirable Minimum width in the guidance, which also means the design is non-compliant with LTN 1/20.

The consultation is open until Monday 27th June 2022.

Further Tadcaster Road Consultation

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