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North Yorkshire to Rip Out Beech Grove LTN

Beech Grove LTN
Beech Grove LTN

North Yorkshire County Council is to rip out the modal filters on Beech Grove. The Experimental Traffic Regulation Order under which they were put in place expires on 14th August 2022, and will not be made permanent, says Harrogate District Cycle Action.

Through traffic will therefore charge back onto Beech Grove, ruining it as a quiet, pleasant street, and as a cycle route into town.

There is talk of “a wider package of permanent measures to promote environmentally-friendly travel”, with a consultation in September.

North Yorkshire are generally completely unable to stick to their own timetables, so it remains to be seen if anything really happens in September.

As for options other than modal filters, they are likely to involve loss of car parking spaces and/or loss of Stray land – both of which would be controversial.

A Typical North Yorkshire Shambles

There was a clear procedure in place for the Beech Grove trial:

  • it lasted 18 months from February 2021
  • there was a consultation period from 18th February to 14th August 2021
  • North Yorkshire then had a full year to assess the feedback
  • they could make adjustments during the trial, e.g. a one-way filter at the Otley Road/Victoria Road junction, to improve the scheme – but they didn’t
  • then the presumption would be that they would make it permanent unless there was significant evidence to the contrary

The procedure is absolutely NOT to wait until the trial runs out, remove the scheme, then have another consultation on the same subject, and think about possibly putting it back again.

This is an absolute and total shambles, but sadly entirely typical of North Yorkshire County Council.

North Yorkshire to Rip Out Beech Grove LTN

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