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Harrogate 20mph Zone Could Include Main Roads

20mph zone in N Yorkshire
20mph zone in N Yorkshire

Harrogate’s proposed 20mph zone could include main and strategic roads, not just residential roads.

That’s the request made by the Oatlands and Pannal Ash 20mph campaigners at a Harrogate & Knaresborough Area Constituency Committee (ACC) meeting today.

North Yorkshire Council (NYC) have produced a map showing the suggested 20mph zone.

Map showing proposed 20mph zone
Map showing proposed 20mph zone

According to the map, the main and strategic roads would remain 30mph.

Oatlands campaigner Hazel Peacock made a statement to the ACC meeting. She thanked those responsible for the School Street that has begun on Beechwood Grove for Oatlands Junior School.

She asked that the following main and strategic roads be included in the 20mph consultation:

  • Hookstone Road
  • Hookstone Drive
  • Leadhall Lane
  • part of Leeds Road
  • Otley Road
  • Wetherby Road
  • York Place
  • Beech Grove

Fellow-campaigner Jenny Marks made some further important points about the West Harrogate Sustainable Transport package, which is to fund the 20mph zone.

She said that crossings of Green Lane (for Ashville College) and Cold Bath Road (for Western Primary) should be controlled crossings with priority for people, not uncontrolled crossings with priority to motor vehicles.

There should also be a controlled crossing of Hookstone Road near the bridleway that leads to Oatlands Junior.

The proposed change to the traffic lights at the Otley Road/Cold Bath Road junction should accommodate active travel rather than just speeding up traffic – or the £200,000 should be spent elsewhere on sustainable travel.

Jenny Marks pointed out that the Nursery Lane path already provides a safe off-road route for active travel, and the £100,000 allocated to that could be spent on controlled crossings instead.

She also raised the issue of programme timings. There needs to be a timetable to ensure delivery at the earliest possible date.

Head Teachers

Several Head Teachers of schools in the area made statements in support of the proposal to include strategic roads in the 20mph programme. They included:

  • the Head of Oatlands Infants in relation to Hookstone Road
  • the Head of St John Fisher in relation to Hookstone Drive
  • the Head and Deputy Head of Oatlands Junior in relation to Hookstone Drive
  • the Head of Harrogate Grammar School in relation to Otley Road

At Oatlands Junior, the Head and Deputy Head commented that many children are enthusiastic about cycling to school after doing Bikeability training, but their parents often don’t think it’s safe for them on Hookstone Drive.

The Head of Western Primary made a statement about having a controlled rather than an uncontrolled crossing on Cold Bath Road, but appeared to half-change his mind part way through. He seemed unsure whether traffic flow might be the most important consideration.

Prioritising traffic flow is a dead end in terms of safety, enabling people to travel sustainably, and reducing traffic.


There was then a debate with contributions from Councillors.

Cllr Schofield said that zebra crossings are much more effective than uncontrolled crossings where drivers rarely stop. He asked if there could be speed bumps on Leadhall Lane to stop people speeding there.

Cllr Warneken said that people won’t go out on their bicycles or walking if it’s not safe. He wanted Hookstone Drive and Road to be included in the 20mph programme.

Cllr Harrison wants to prioritise cars on the strategic roads. He is not in favour of making main roads 20mph.

Cllr Marsh said there needs to police enforcement of 20mph limits.

20mph Limits Alone Are Not Enough

The updated Network Management Duty to support active travel points out that 20mph limits on their own are not enough.

‘reducing speed limits: 20mph speed limits are being more widely adopted as an appropriate speed limit for residential roads and many through streets in built-up areas. 20mph limits alone will not be sufficient to meet the needs of active travel, but in association with other measures, reducing the speed limit can provide a more attractive and safer environment for walking and cycling’

updated network management duty to support active travel

West Harrogate Sustainable Transport Package

The 20mph zone is included in the West Harrogate Sustainable Transport package, but there are other suggested measures too.

NPIF Table 1, measures to be taken forward
NPIF Table 1, measures to be taken forward

Cllr Warneken highlighted the £200,000 to be spent on cars at the Otley Road/Cold Bath Road junction. He said capacity increases for cars induce more demand and are not sustainable.

He also said that £100,000 on Nursery Lane was not necessary. Cllr Schofield said that if there is to be housing development at Nursery Lane, money for any cycle infrastructure should come from the developers.

Harrogate 20mph Zone Could Include Main Roads

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