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64% Say It’s Too Dangerous to Cycle on the Roads

Cycling on Otley Road
Cycling on Otley Road

64% of people say it’s too dangerous to cycle on the roads, according to an Ipsos poll published last month. Women are more likely to agree that it’s too dangerous (71%) than men (57%).

The percentage of those believing the roads are too hostile for pedalling remains remarkably consistent. For example according to the DfT’s Walking & Cycling statistics for 2019, 66% said it was too dangerous to cycle on the roads. Similarly, a 2018 poll for Cycling UK showed that 56% of respondents were worried about sharing the road with lorries and large vehicles.

In the Ipsos survey:

  • 44% of adults said they would like to cycle more than they currently do, but
  • 47% agreed that ‘I’m not the kind of person who rides a bicycle’

Younger people and men are more likely to want to cycle more:

  • 58% of those aged 25-34 and 50% of men want to cycle more, but
  • only 32% of those aged 55+ and 39% of women do so
I would like to cycle more poll result, copyright Ipsos
‘I would like to cycle more’ poll result, copyright Ipsos

Support for Modal Shift

There is public support for modal shift away from cars. The percentages are as follows:

  • 71% support actions to encourage more walking and cycling
  • 65% support encouraging a shift to public transport

On the other hand, 71% of respondents say they need a car to suit their current lifestyle, rising to 86% of those who already have access to a car.

Only 21% say it is less important to own a car nowadays, compared with 59% who disagree.

Traffic Congestion and Road Charging

These are the results on traffic congestion:

  • 55% say their local area is too congested, against 23% who disagree
  • 45% support the idea of a charge to drive around towns and cities, compared with 33% who oppose the concept

Support for LTNs

Beech Grove LTN
Beech Grove LTN

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods are popular:

  • 42% of repondents support them
  • only 33% oppose them

A sample of 2,240 people was interviewed from 3rd to 9th February 2022.

64% Say It’s Too Dangerous to Cycle on the Roads

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