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North Yorkshire’s ATF3 Bid Fails

County Hall, Northallerton
County Hall, Northallerton

North Yorkshire County Council’s bid for money from the Active Travel Fund 3rd tranche (ATF3) has failed. The DfT today published final allocations.

North Yorkshire made the bid in July 2021. In Harrogate District, it included a request for £550,000 for wider pavements, traffic-calming and crossings in Ripon. The county council also asked for £50,000 for a feasibility study for a shared use path alongside the railway from Knaresborough to Flaxby Green.

Why Has the Bid Failed?

When the bid was published, Harrogate District Cycle Action questioned whether the Ripon plans were LTN 1/20-compliant, as they involved cycling in mixed traffic rather than dedicated cycle infrastructure. That may be one of the reasons for the failure of the bid.

Another possible factor is that North Yorkshire was awarded £1,011,750 in the previous round of bidding, ATF2, but it has made no progress on building the schemes.

A North Yorkshire County Council report in May 2021 noted that the ATF2 schemes had to be delivered by 31st March 2022, and set out a schedule:

ATF timetable
ATF timetable

Unfortunately, NYCC is totally incapable of sticking to any of its timetables for delivering active travel schemes.

If you were the person at the DfT making this decision, would you award more money to a council that had failed to spend the last tranche of funding?

Big Winners

Among the big winners were some of the Combined Authorities:

  • Greater Manchester £13,145,172
  • North East Joint Transport Authority £18,008,191
  • West Midlands Integrated Transport Authority £17,250,000

Individual councils that put forward successful bids include Cheshire West and Chester (£882,994), Cumbria (£4,525,700), Gloucestershire (£14,206,360), Hull (£2,258,947), Lincolnshire (£1,800,000), Oxfordshire (£10,518,384), and Slough (£10,199,500).

North Yorkshire’s ATF3 Bid Fails

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