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3rd Consultation on Harrogate Station Gateway

Harrogate Station Gateway visual
Harrogate Station Gateway visual

A 3rd consultation on Harrogate Station Gateway is under way. It runs from 20th July to 23rd August 2022.

The project has already passed two consultations. In advance of this 3rd consultation, Corporate Director at North Yorkshire County Council Karl Battersby said there had been ‘no formal legal challenge’ – which appears to indicate that a legal challenge may have been threatened.

The latest consultation may be an effort to head off any legal action by objectors.

In a recent article, I gave 7 reasons why Harrogate Station Gateway must go ahead. These reasons are echoed by Harrogate District Cycle Action, who are urging their supporters to respond positively to the survey.

Emissions Reduction Pathways

As set out in my recent article on York & North Yorkshire Emissions Reduction Pathways, it is in any event necessary to reduce travel by private car, and reallocate road space to cycling and walking – otherwise the region’s Net Zero goal cannot be met.

Key Recommendations on Transport
Key Recommendations on Transport

Under the Max Ambition pathway, private car use is 48% lower by 2030. Cycling increases nine-fold.

The other two pathways envisage a reduction in private car use of:

  • 30% by 2030 and
  • 44% by 2038

It’s worth noting that even Max Ambition does not get York and North Yorkshire to Net Zero by 2038. Negative emissions from a possible Carbon Capture & Storage scheme at Drax are required, according to the Pathways document.

CCS at Drax is highly speculative, and not a good foundation for a strategy. It is therefore likely that even Max Ambition is not ambitious enough.

You can respond to the survey on Harrogate Station Gateway here.

3rd Consultation on Harrogate Station Gateway

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