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Cycling signs at York Place, Harrogate
York Place/Stray Rein

Harrogate Station Gateway Consultation Results

22nd May 2021

Harrogate Station Gateway consultation results
Harrogate Station Gateway consultation results

The results of the Harrogate Station Gateway consultation are in. What did people say, and what are the next steps?

Find out in Harrogate Station Gateway Consultation Results.

Otley Road Cycleway Delayed Again

21st May 2021

Otley Road Cycleway timetable
Otley Road Cycleway timetable

The Otley Road Cycleway project has gone from serial missed deadlines to a new strategy of providing no timetable at all. Is the new tactic an improvement on the old, or just as bad but in a different way?

Find out in Otley Road Cycleway Delayed Again.

Buy Local By Bike Harrogate Knaresborough

28th April 2021

Buy Local By Bike Harrogate Knaresborough
Buy Local By Bike

Buy Local By Bike is a commendable initiative by Harrogate Borough Council.

Read about Buy Local By Bike Harrogate Knaresborough.

North Yorkshire Caves in on Oatlands Drive Before Consultation

19th March 2021

Killing lane on Oatlands Drive
Moord Strookje, or killing lane, on Oatlands Drive

North Yorkshire has abandoned its plans to make walking and cycling safer on Oatlands Drive, without even going through with its own planned consultation.

Read about North Yorkshire Caves in on Oatlands Drive Before Consultation.

Harrogate Business Groups & the Climate

2nd March 2021

Prospect Square, Harrogate
Prospect Square, Harrogate

The representatives of Harrogate's business groups are focused on 'cars, cars, cars', but is this compatible with the changes we need to make to avoid climate breakdown?

Read about Harrogate Business Groups and the Climate.

Transforming Cities Harrogate

21st February 2021

Harrogate Station Sqaure
Harrogate Station

Exciting new plans have been announced for Harrogate's 'station gateway', to make it less dominated by cars, and more easily accessible by bike.

Read about Transforming Cities Harrogate.

Beech Grove LTN

18th February 2021

Beech Grove LTN, Harrogate
Beech Grove LTN

Beech Grove Low Traffic Neighbourhood was finished yesterday. What are the benefits, and the answers to objections?

Read about Beech Grove LTN.

Harrogate Cargo Bikes

2nd February 2021

Cargo bike by JR Cycles, Harrogate
Hand-built cargo bike, by JR Cycles Harrogate

You can now order a tailor-made cargo bike, hand-built in Harrogate.

Find out more about Harrogate Cargo Bikes.

Otley Road Cycleway Update

26th January 2021

Cycling on Otley Road, Harrogate
Cycling on Otley Road, Harrogate

An update on the Otley Road Cycleway - not actual work starting, of course, but news on the Stray land exchange and Northern Powergrid's timetable for moving their services.

Read an Otley Road Cycleway Update.

Pedestrian Crossings in Harrogate

24th January 2021

Pedestrian crossing, Harrogate
Pedestrian crossing on red

How will we increase active travel in Harrogate if North Yorkshire County Council keeps prioritising cars over people?

Read about the Pedestrian Crossings in Harrogate.

Harrogate Cycle Tube Map

7th January 2021

Harrogate Cycle Tube Map
Cycle Tube Map

Here's a first draft of a London Underground-style map of Harrogate's cycle network. I'm not sure if it's of any value, except as colourful spaghetti.

Let me know what you think about the Harrogate Cycle Tube map.

Deeply Flawed HAPARA Report

11th November 2020

Pannal Ash Road
Pannal Ash Road

HAPARA, the Harlow & Pannal Ash Residents' Association, has produced a report which is supposed to be about sustainable development. Unfortunately, it dismisses cycling as a solution to transport problems, and calls for road-building.

Read about Deeply Flawed HAPARA Report.

Zero Carbon Harrogate Strategic Plan

9th November 2020

Zero Carbon Harrogate Strategic Plan
Pannal Ash Road

Zero Carbon Harrogate has published a Vision and Strategic Plan setting out how the District can become zero carbon by 2030.

Read about Zero Carbon Harrogate Strategic Plan.

Railways and Greenways

31st October 2020

Map of Harrogate's old railways
Harrogate's old and current railways

Harrogate once had a lot of railways, but most of the lines are disused. Wouldn't it be great if they were turned into greenways?

Read about railways and greenways.

HDCA website launch

28th February 2020

HDCA website
HDCA website

Harrogate District Cycle Action is today launching its new website, alongside an updated manifesto and refreshed social media accounts. The website invites local people to sign up as supporters and contribute their ideas.

Find out more about the HDCA website.

Transforming Cities Fund

21st November 2019

Harrogate station
Harrogate station

A group of councils including Harrogate BC and North Yorkshire CC is making a bid as part of the Leeds City Region for funding from the DfT.

The bid is for a share of the Transforming Cities Fund, which is money to make it easier, safer and quicker for people to travel and get to work, by improving transport connections across city regions.

If the bid is successful, part of the money is to be spent in Harrogate to improve the front of the station, and create better access for pedestrians and cyclists. It will also be spent on improved facilities for walking and cycling in the town centre, and improving public spaces in town.

The bid should be submitted on 28th November 2019.

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